Class Officers

The officers are veterinary medical students, elected by their class to organize and facilitate fun and educational activities for each cohort. Please contact the class officers below for more information about their respective areas.

Class of 2019

Position Name Email
Faculty Advisor Matthew Winter
President Taylor Murphy
Vice President Timothy O’Leary
Treasurer Chelsea Rivera
Secretary Logan Elmore
Historian Alyssa Palmer
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Hillary Allgood
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Alexa Stephen
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Jordan Carbary
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Sarah Lewis
Social Chair James Gillen
Fundraiser Co-Chair Lauren Greenfield
Fundraiser Co-Chair Demi Gonzalez
Football Representative Zoe Ball
SAVMA Representative Sharon Swift
FVMA Representative Leandra Mosca
Sunshine Chair Nicole Furst
Morale Chair Nicole Furst
Webmaster Adam Eggleston

Class of 2020

Position Name Email
Faculty Advisor Martha Mallicote
President Lauren Nykanen
Vice President Maria Moriyon
Treasurer Olivia Jerrems
Secretary Ashleigh Gray
Historian Allyse Suganuma
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Sarah Randell
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Laura de Armas
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Federico Cunha
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Charlotte Cournoyer
Social Chair Heather Stachnik
Fundraiser Co-Chair David Bichai
Fundraiser Co-Chair Megan Palmisano
Football Representative John Hertzer
SAVMA Representative Laura Martin
FVMA Representative Malachai Schang
Morale Chair Victoria Kidder
Sunshine Chair Rachel Henriquez
Sunshine Chair Lauren MacDonald
Webmaster Sonja Cames

Class of 2021

Position Name Email
Faculty Advisor  Jeff Abbott
President  Katie Cox
Vice President  Joshua Hargrove
Treasurer  Kim Brady
Secretary  Darby Toth
Historian  Oriana Esparragoza
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair  Chelsea Weiner
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair  Jessica Richter
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair  Karlye Becker
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair  Corey Fisher
Social Chair  Alex Alberdi
Fundraiser Co-Chair  Cristina King
Fundraiser Co-Chair  Caroline Brown
Football Representative  Thomas Vinyard
SAVMA Representative  Seth Locker
FVMA Representative  Sam Hollister
Morale Chair  Kim Fiore
Webmaster  Nick Krause