Student affairs and programming

What We Offer

Our student affairs team oversees student programming designed to enrich and develop our veterinary medical students as well-rounded leaders and professionals. We provide a range of activities and functions for students throughout their four-year professional program.

 We offer a variety of services, events, programs and opportunities to help our students succeed academically.

Among the services and events our team provides are:

  • Career Services
  • Class Officer Updates
  • Commencement Ceremony
  • Counseling and Wellness Programs
  • Faculty-Adviser Updates
  • First-Year Leadership Experience (FLE)
  • Leadership Development
  • Medical Withdrawals
  • Scholarships
  • Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony
  • Student Activities Calendar
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Student Clubs / Organizations
  • Student Honor and Conduct Code

Student Handbook

Our student handbook is designed to assist students, parents, faculty and staff to find information on a wide array of topics relating to the student experience at the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine.

student ambassadors

Meet the Congregators

Interested in ways UFCVM students help promote the college and the veterinary profession? Meet the Congregators.

Additional information

faculty advisers

Faculty Advisors

Each UFCVM student is required to have a faculty advisor. Students are assigned to a faculty adviser upon matriculation into our program, based on their clinical interest.

class officers

Student Leaders

This listing provides contact information for our current class officers. Class officers organize class involvement in a variety of events and activities.

Research and Graduate Studies

Graduate Students

We offer M.S. and Ph.D. programs through all five academic departments. Admission to these programs is handled through our Office of Research and Graduate Studies.