All of the computers within the Education Center (within the open floor area, Computer Lab and study rooms) are capable of printing to one of two floor-standing printers within the Education Center. These printers are found to the left of the center just after you walk in through the main entrance. At this point in time, it is not possible to print from wireless devices.

The printing fees are as follows:

  • Black and white printed pages:  10 cents per page
    Color printed pages: 50 cents per page
  • Black and white copies:  10 cents per page
    Color copies: 50 cents per page

If you need to add funds to your Gator 1 Card, you may do so at this site:

For a brief video overview of how to add funds to your card, view:
How to add Funds to Gator 1 Card: (Video Tutorial Duration: Approx. 1 minute)

How to Print

  1. Open the document or file that you would like to print
  2. Select the “Print…”  option from the application being used (Ie., PowerPoint, Word, Adobe, etc…)
  3. Once you click print, a prompt for the Vetmed Print Queue will appear:

4. Please enter your 8 digit UFID without any hyphens (12345678) and then click Print. Once you click the Print button, the print job is then sent to the print queue.

5. To retrieve your print, walk over to the printer of your choice (Black&White or Color). Then,swipe your Gator 1 Card on the card reader that is on the right side of the printer, using the thinner strip on your Gator 1 Card (as shown in picture below.)

6. Select the print jobs that you would like to have printed. Once you have selected your print job/documents,  the amount that will be charged to your Gator 1 Card will be shown.

7. Choose to “Accept” or “Decline” the print job. If accepted, the document(s) will be printed. If the job is declined, it will remain in the queue for 24 hours and then automatically be declined by the print server.

8. If you would like to have the same document printed more than once, specify the amount of copies before printing as prompted on the screen.

Please note: Print jobs can be released from any printer. So, make sure that you release your print job from the printer that you prefer. (The black and white printer is on the right side of the two floor-standing printers as you face the printers.)

9. Please be sure to tap the LOG OFF button on the LCD display when done printing.

How to Copy

1.    Place the document to be copied in the copy tray
2.    Slide your Gator 1 Card
3.    Select your copy options (number or copies B&W, Double sided, etc..)
4.    Select Start/Copy the amount that will charged will show up accept/decline
5.    Press the Start button
6.    Tap on the LOG OFF button in the LCD display when done.

This page was last updated on February 28, 2014.