Computer Lab

enhanced capabilities

A resource to support computer-based instruction and training

The Computer Lab, located in the Veterinary Academic Building Rm # V1-108, is a resource to support computer-based instruction within the curriculum and for computer-related College training activities. This lab may also be used for instructional purposes (such as group learning activities or testing)  that do not require computer use.


Made possible by the members of the Dean’s Circle of Excellence.

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to use the computers within the Computer Lab when the lab is not scheduled for class, exams or training purposes. A weekly calendar is posted on the main computer lab doors. The following video provides a general overview of the Computer Lab and its capabilities.

Team-Based Learning

Our Computer Lab is a teaching space well-suited for certain types of group-based learning, (including team-based learning) in that three students sit at a table, facing three students across from them. A number of resources follow below related to team-based learning. There are other varieties of group-based learning activities. Team-based learning is being highlighted because it incorporates a range of group-related learning strategies.

Related Tools

Clickers (a response tool option) may also be utilized in the Computer Lab. Contact Education Center staff for an orientation to the Computer Lab or to discuss alternative teaching methods.

Last updated April 21, 2014.