Audio and Visual

Computing and multimedia capabilities

We are proud to have an extensive array of teaching and clinical spaces equipped with state-of-the-art computing and multimedia capabilities to support and enhance our instructional activities.

Our teaching spaces are supported through a collaborative effort by our IT office, Audio&Visual and Education Center staff. If you need immediate A/V assistance, please call (352) 294-4999. If your request is not time-sensitive, then email Jamie.

Index of A/V Teaching Spaces

All of the following locations are equipped with a computer loaded with Microsoft Windows, the standard load of teaching software, and a means of displaying the computer content onto a large projection screen or monitor displays. Each computer has at least one open USB port, and can access the local college network drives. A functional Gatorlink account is needed to access and use these computers.

Veterinary Academic Building Rooms (Building 1017)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
V1-101 Dean’s Circle Lecture Hall A 120 Mediasite
V1-103 Lecture Hall B 40 Mediasite
V1-110G Dean’s Circle Computer Lab 48 Mediasite
V1-138 Dean’s Conference Room 17 Mediasite
V2-126 Clinical Skills Lab 120  

New Auditorium (Building 221)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
Auditorium New Auditorium 160 Mediasite

Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital (Building 1018)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
VE-104 Equine Auditorium  120 Mediasite

Separate Testing Room (Building 1017)

Rm. Number Desks Locations Seats Record Options
V1-110F Left Side (Seats #01, #10, #11) 3 Camera 1
V1-110F Center (Seats #02, #03, #08, #09) 4 Camera 2
V1-110F Right Side (Seats #04, 05, 06, 07) 4 Camera 3