Adobe Connect

General Information

Adobe Connect is an online web-based system used to facilitate interaction between students and instructors in real-time.  It may be used for review sessions, live lectures or discussions, or recording presentations. This tool is most commonly used in our distance learning courses within the Aquatic Animal Health certificate program, and the Shelter Medicine certificate program. Adobe Connect Logo

Within Adobe Connect, presenters can show content such as PowerPoint slides, documents and web pages. Additionally, presenters can share their desktop such that online participants can view the activity occuring on the presenter’s desktop. The presenter and participants can communicate with each other through audio chat through their computers, text-based chat and real-time polling. The presenter or participants can share video from their web cams, if they desire.

Any instructors interested in using Adobe Connect should contact our Education Coordinator, for an orientation to the system.  The College’s Adobe Connect licensing relationship is based on instructional use. Therefore, Adobe Connect may not be cost-effective for occasional or “one-off” use. The costs associated with the use of Adobe Connect is typically $150 per fiscal year for one course with up to 150 students accessing an Adobe Connect “room.”

Video Overview

This video overview (available via YouTube) was prepared by the parent company, Adobe Systems, Inc. It discusses the most commonly used aspects of Adobe Connect, provides an overview of this web platform and discusses a variety of ways the platform cab be used.

Access to Adobe Connect

Students typically access Adobe Connect rooms using links posted within their course web sites in the UF e-Learning System. Instructors typically login to the system via this web site address (using their Adobe Connect host accounts):


These recorded examples are from actual UF College of Veterinary Medicine instructors using Adobe Connect.

Radiology Computer Lab Session  (from 09/27/2012)  This example helps illustrate the level of quality that is preserved in visuals such as radiography images. The “desktop sharing” feature is used by the instructor for participants to view his desktop activity.  In this example, the instructor used Adobe Connect in our Computer Lab so that the session could be recorded. Additionally, students were given the option of connecting from home or elsewhere via the Internet if they desired.

Student Presentation (from Spring 2013 term) This recorded example was from one of our online Shelter Medicine courses wherein students were asked to give a presentation on a topic. This example illustrates one way in which this type of learning platform can be leveraged to increase student-instructor interaction.


The following documents are intended for instructors that have completed an Adobe Connect orientation and have had an Adobe Connect host account created for their use.

Adobe Connect Instructor Prep (Last Updated May 18th, 2012)
This document is intended as a quick reference item to help instructors as they prepare for an Adobe Connect session.

Adobe Connect Participant Preparation (Last Updated May 18th, 2012)
This document is intended for instructors to provide to students enrolled in courses making use of Adobe Connect. It may be added to an instructor’s course web site.

Adobe Connect Starting Slides (Last Updated October 16th, 2012)
This presentation can be modified and used by any instructor. It’s intended as a template to be used at the beginning of an Adobe Connect session.

Blended Learning Application

Adobe Connect may also be used to deliver face-to-face instruction in conjunction with online instruction. This type of instruction is sometimes referred to as “Blended” or “Hybrid” learning. The Shelter Medicine program is using this modality during the Summer 2013 term (picture below.)  In this scenario, a conference style microphone is placed on a table and plugged into the computer in the room to capture the audio of all individuals in the room.  The webcam is set up on a tripod to capture a view of the instructor and a few face-to-face participants.


Other Training Resources

Additional online training for Adobe Connect is available through the UF “” portal. The tutorials within the site provide an overview of commonly use Adobe Connect features. However, most of the examples provided are based on sales/business scenarios. That said, these tutorials can still be useful for learning the various aspects of Adobe Connect. Click here to login to  After you login, browse for the “Adobe” tutorials from the software drop-down list. Then click on the “Show More” option underneath the software list on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Connect” link that appears. Then, click on the “Adobe Connect Essentials” training to view the tutorials.

Administration and Support

Education Coordinator administers the system and is the primary point of contact for creation of instructor host accounts (and can reset passwords for instructors if needed.).

Practice Sessions

Instructors are welcome and encouraged to practice using Adobe Connect  before their actual class use. Instructors are also encouraged to conduct a practice session with their students before their first actual class use, whenever possible, to provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with the interface and ensure their computers can successfully interact with the system.

Help Resources

If a student is having technical difficulties using Adobe Connect, she or he may call the Adobe Connect technical support line at: (800) 422-3623.

If a faculty member is having technical difficulties using Adobe Connect, she or he may call the same number above or contact a staff member of the Education Center.