Pre-Vet Tool Kit

Welcome to The University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine Pre-Vet Tool Kit. This is your survival guide to getting into veterinary school. Think of it as your Swiss Army knife, providing you with resources for all things admissions. This tool kit is most helpful if you’ve already begun your undergraduate degree.


Practical and relatable

Financial Literacy for Pre-Vets

Student debt and understanding your finances can be a challenge to overcome or an obstacle to bring you down. Let us help you embrace the former.

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free and downloadable

"How To Get Into Vet School"

Want to learn more about your path to veterinary medicine? Our free eBook shows you the way!


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The PreVet Pawscast

The Prevet Pawscast provides tips, tricks and tales on applying to vet school and exploring the veterinary medicine profession.

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Interactive and introspective

Interview Prep eBook

Getting ready for virtual veterinary school interviews? Our free and downloadable eBook is here to help!

Underrepresented No More

​​Underrepresented No More serves to inspire all pre-veterinary students and the resources found here will put you on the path to realizing your aspirations of becoming a veterinarian.

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Admissions YouTube

Our YouTube page features videos to understand your path to veterinary medicine, sharing your diverse story and learning more about what makes UF VetMed unique.

Helpful Forms

Experience Log

There are six types of experiences you can log on your VMCAS application. Download our template to keep track of your hours!

Application Resources

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