Prerequisite Inventory Form FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions by applicants. If your question isn’t listed here, you can always contact the Admissions Team at for further assistance.

Q) What should I enter in the “INSTITUTION NAME OF PREREQUISITE” column?
A) The column represents the name of the college or university where the prerequisite was or is planned to be completed. The name can be abbreviated. For example: UF, USF, UCF, UM, MDC, etc.

Q) What should I enter in the “COURSE NUMBER” column?
A) The column represents the abbreviation or suffix of the course. For example, the course number for Biology 1 lecture is BSC 2010.

Q) What should I enter in the “COURSE CREDIT HOURS/QTR UNITS” column?
A) The column represents the credit or quarter units as listed in your transcripts. Credit hours should be listed as semester hours. Quarter hours divided by 1.5 will give you the credits in semester hours. You must have or plan to complete the required minimum credits required for each subject area.

Q) What should I enter in the “GRADE EARNED” column?
A) The column represents the grade earned as listed in your transcript and should match what you enter in your VMCAS transcript entry.

Q) What should I enter in the “SEMESTER & YEAR COMPLETED/PLANNED” column?
A) The column represents the semester and year of when the course was completed as listed in your transcripts or when the course is planned to be completed.

Q) What does the “choose one to match” mean?
A) At the University of Florida and many other institutions there may be more than one course to satisfy a specific pre-requisite. We have listed the choices available at the University of Florida as a guide. You will need to determine that your completed or planned course will satisfy one of the listed courses.

Q) Can I complete the form by hand?
A) Yes. You can complete the form by hand or digitally. Just remember to re-save the file under a new name to ensure your work is saved.

Q) Do you accept AP/IB/AICE/CLEP credits?
A) Yes. Credits will be accepted based on rules put forth by the University of Florida or the institution where the credit is granted. They must be listed in official college/university transcript with course and credit granted. The “Grade Earned” section of the form should be left blank as these courses are only granted credit hours. If this information is not listed in your transcript, an official letter will need to be sent directly from your institution’s registrar office to prior to the VMCAS application deadline.

Q) How do I enter planned courses?
A) Please provide the institution and course number of where the course will be completed, credits or units and under “SEMESTER & YEAR COMPLETED/PLANNED” write “Planned”. You can leave the “GRADE EARNED” column in blank. If you do not have the course name just leave it blank and update the Admissions Team as soon as you have the information. PLEASE NOTE: All prerequisites must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or above by the end of the Spring Semester prior to the start of veterinary school.

Q) The lab for one of the required pre-requisites is included in the lecture. There is no separate lab. How do I enter this in the form?
A) For courses where laboratories are included in the course, write “INCL” under the “GRADE EARNED” column. Leave the “COURSE CREDIT HOURS” column blank.

Q) I earned a “D” in Physics 1, repeated the course and obtained a “B.” Do I need to enter both grades in the form?
A) Enter the grade for the course that was successfully completed. Please note that all coursework, including failed and successful attempts should be included in the Transcript Entry section of the VMCAS application. Repeated coursework is included in your GPA calculations (Science, Last 45 and Overall).

Q) I attend an institution that follows a quarter system. How should I enter my course credits in the form?
A) To change quarter into semester credits, divide your quarter units by 1.5 which equals the number of semester hours. Please note that courses that require 2 semesters such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will typically be completed in a 3-quarter credit sequence. When the sequence is converted into semester credits it usually has more credits than those normally required in an institution who uses a semester system.

Q) My institution does not offer a Biology 2 course with lab, what can I do?
A) Biology 1 and 2 with labs, can be substituted with a higher-level Biology course such as Cell Biology, Zoology or Anatomy and Physiology. The course must include a lab.

Q) What course(s) can be used to satisfy the Advanced Electives requirement?
A) Advanced Electives can be satisfied with any course that is designated as a 300/3000 or higher-level course. If you are unsure of which courses are considered advance electives in your institution, please contact your academic advisor for guidance.

Q) What course(s) can be used to satisfy the General Education Requirements?
A) General Education Requirements can be satisfied with courses in Humanities and Social Sciences or courses marked as General Education by your institution.

Q) What course(s) can be used to satisfy the English 1 and 2 requirements?
A) The English 1 and 2 prerequisites can be satisfied with courses in composition, literature or writing. A writing intensive course can also be used.

Q) Do I need to submit updated official transcripts after the VMCAS application deadline?
A) Only applicants offered admission to the program and with outstanding prerequisites are required to submit updated official transcripts to the veterinary school. These candidates will be provided further details later in the process.