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February 2024 | UF CVM ’17

Alec Sherman, DVM, DACVS-SA

What do you call a dedicated veterinary surgeon with a philanthropic mindset? Dr. Alec Sherman! Dr. Sherman credits his successful career to staying true to himself, putting the patient’s needs first, and having a proper work-life balance. He and his wife go above and beyond for his patients, to the point of starting a non-profit providing financial relief to clients struggling to afford patient treatment.

Sherman cover

January 2024 | UF CVM ’18

Chase McCall, DVM

As both a business owner and veterinarian, Dr. McCall sets the bar for the standard of care his patients receive at San Pablo Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. McCall credits UF CVM and his mentors for establishing the solid knowledge base and interpersonal skills he relies on every day. When Dr. McCall is not in the clinical setting, he is enjoying the outdoors with his wife and five (yes, five) dogs!

McCall Cover

December 2023 | UF CVM ’93

Julie Cole Shacoski, DVM

Dr. Shacoski is a testament to taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities veterinary medicine has to offer. Since graduating from UF CVM IN 1993, she has spent a decade in large animal theriogenology, owned a small animal practice for 9 years, worked at three different veterinary schools, and is now an entrepreneur. She encourages everyone in the profession to take the time to re-evaluate one’s goals and interests on a yearly basis to ensure one’s career is fulfilling their passions. 

Dr. Shacoski with horse

November 2023 | UF CVM ’21

Annellie Miller, DVM

After graduating in 2021, Dr. Miller and her cat Otis traveled to Colorado State for a small animal rotating internship and returned to Gainesville last year for a coveted seat in UF CVM’s Small Animal Surgery Residency Program. In addition to surgery, Dr. Miller is also passionate about teaching.  Returning the kindness and mentorship she received from previous teaching assistants, she strives to leave a meaningful impact on the current UF CVM students under her wing. Last year, she was a teaching assistant in the second-year spay and neuter laboratory, guiding many students as they performed their very first surgeries!

Annalie Miller Cover

October 2023 | UF CVM ’17

Manny Lima, DVM

Growing up, Dr. Lima’s hardworking parents instilled core family values including never taking anything for granted, always giving back, and being courageous. Dr. Lima relies on these values in addition to hard work, determination, and a growth mindset as he manages practice ownership and the life of a veterinarian. He encourages students to take control of their education and experiences with a focus on mentorship and having a growth mindset


September 2023 | UF CVM ’17

Jenny Groover, DVM, DACVECC

Dr. Groover is the definition of go-getter. Not only has she climbed to the top in her field, but was recently given the opportunity to build her own emergency department from the ground-up! When she is not saving animal lives and mentoring veterinarians of the future, Dr. Groover enjoys water sports, taming her energetic Jack Russell puppy, and and maintaining close-knit friendships!

Dr. Jenny Groover

August 2023 | UF CVM ’17

Amanda Inman, DVM

When emergency and critical cases call, Dr. Amanda Inman answers. Her dedication to patient care and collaborative mentality allows her to excel in an emergency setting! Dr. Inman has been serving the Gainesville community since she was a veterinary student, and now as a faculty clinician, continues to make an impact on patients and clients’ lives every day. She wears many hats beyond veterinarian, including self-proclaimed dessert critic, cat and dog mom, and nap enthusiast.

Amanda Inman

July 2023 | UF CVM ’22

Meghan Jesse, DVM

Do you know how meat and meat products get on grocery store shelves? Believe it or not, veterinarians are present in just about every step of meat processing. Dr. Meghan Jessee ensures that the products you feed yourself and family are the best quality possible. When she isn’t at the plant, she enjoys golfing, surrounding herself with friends, and spoiling her black lab, Odie.

Meg Jesse, Cover Photo

June 2023 | UF CVM ’11

Ruth West, DVM, CCRT, Veterinary Acupuncturist

From starting veterinary school at the age of 45, opening her own mobile veterinary acupuncture practice in 2016, to now relocating from NC to KY, Dr. Ruth West is no stranger to making big changes in her career. A Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Dr. West prides herself on being able to offer her patients alternative treatments in the comfort of their own homes, while minimizing the fear, stress, and anxiety often associated with veterinary visits.

Ruth West, Cover Photo

May 2023 | UF CVM ’21

Leah Ackerman, DVM

Dr. Leah Ackerman is a Double Gator on her professional journey to accomplish her career goal of becoming a board-certified veterinary medical oncologist. After leaving UF CVM and completing a small animal rotating internship, Dr. Ackerman returned to the UF Small Animal Hospital as a Resident and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of veterinary medicine.

LA Gator Vet Tails Photo

April 2023 | UF CVM ’22

Eric Los Kamp, DVM

Dr. Eric Los Kamp witnessed the emotional capacity of exotic animals at a young age and strived to devote his life to providing the best welfare and quality of care as possible. Fueled by his passion, he worked with Winter Park Animal Hospital to develop an exotic exclusive caseload and fulfill his lifelong dream.

Eric Los Kamp, Gator Vet Tails Photos

March 2023 | UF CVM ’10

Jessica Robertson, DVM

Dr. Robertson followed a calling to do more and offer exceptional client support. In 2013 she started her own practice and in 2015 opened Robertson Mobile Vet. A hybrid approach offering both mobile and in-office visits.

Dr. Robertson