Class Officers

The officers are veterinary medical students, elected by their class to organize and facilitate fun and educational activities for each cohort. Please contact the class officers below for more information about their respective areas.

Class of 2024

´╗┐Position Name Email
Faculty Advisor Dr. Julia Wuerz
President Harrison Warman
Vice President Kylle Cahill-Patray
Treasurer Cristina Woods
Secretary Jubilee Lassiter
Historian Graciela Figueroa
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Tasha Desiderio
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Mackenzie Dorr
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Madisen Liebl
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Conrad Pritchard

Class of 2025

POsition Name Email
Faculty Advisor Dr. Amy Stone
President Meghan Murphy
Vice President Nirali Pathak
Treasurer Cole Ferreira
Secretary Emilie Woltering
Historian Ariel Garriss
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Nicole Nelson
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Hannah Quail
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Aparna Mukerji
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Dani LaBonte

Class of 2026

Position Name Email
Faculty Advisor Dr. Leah Reznikov
President Hannah Child
Vice President August Gugliemini
Treasurer Maya Kelly
Secretary Cale Witmer
Historian Anna Hebert
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Alexandre Winter
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Megan Lee
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Morgan Bevis
Student Faculty Committee Co-Chair Alex Parcell

Class of 2027

Faculty Advisor Dr. Amy Alexander
President Ali Torregrosa
Vice President Abigail Freese
Treasurer Julia Sessions
Secretary Kaitlyn Lystad
Historian Jaeger Johnson
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Stephen Soler
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Madison Daigle
Student Faculty Communications Co-Chair Gustavo Zamora
Student Faculty Communications Co-Chair Sara Scott