Application Request for Practice Approval

Third and fourth year students at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine may elect to participate in externships. These externships must be between two and four weeks in length. Supervising veterinarians will complete an evaluation form assessing the performance of the student at the end of the externship.

In order to serve as an externship site for University of Florida DVM students, each practice/site must complete the form below. The submitted information will be sent to the curriculum committee for approval. Once a site has been approved, students may elect to participate in externships at that site, and the site will be listed in our database.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible in order to provide the most accurate information for our curriculum committee and our students.

Externship Site Form

Form for veterinary clinics/hospitals to complete in order to serve as an externship site.

  • Brief description of practice including how things run/operate, average number of cases seen weekly, monthly, or annually, types of cases seen, description of facility, etc.
  • Please provide details on any stipends available to externs.
  • Please provide details on housing, if provided or offered.
  • Please provide your reason(s) for offering this program.
  • Please include hours extern will be required to work, including any optional hours they may work.
  • Please include responsibilities and work load the extern will have.
    Note: College will only grant the student academic credit for externships that are a minimum of 2 weeks and/or a maximum of 4 weeks in total duration.
  • Please describe the appropriate method through which students may apply, including point-of-contact person.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.