Exams & Procedures

The Office for Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) offers support for exam building, course evaluations, grading and technical assistance during exam sessions. In Spring 2016, the college centralized testing for the professional DVM program, requiring all exams be administered at the College of Veterinary Medicine campus.

Exam Delivery
Currently, majority of our exams are administered electronically via ExamSoft . Our students test on their compatible devices in the Computer Lab and New Auditorium.

Students with Testing Accommodations 
The college has a separate space for students with special testing accommodations. This space is called the Quiet Room, located in the Education Center. The room has carrels, a surveillance camera and a designated proctor. The coordination of these exams are managed by Melissa Cox and Khalid Snowden. Students with accommodations may still opt to test at the Disability Resource Center.

Exam Proctors
There will always be proctors available for electronic exams. The college has about 50 exams per semester which are scheduled by ASA. Instructors who need proctors for paper exams should contact Khalid at beginning of the semester.

Technical Support
The proctors are trained to provide basic troubleshooting. Depending on the technical issue and the time required to troubleshoot, the student may be given a loaner iPad provided by ASA.

What is ExamSoft?
ExamSoft is the new exam management solution the college has adopted along with the other colleges in the Health Science Center to build and administer exams and store performance and outcome reports for accreditation needs. You can find out more of the program by clicking here.

What are the Exam Day Rules?
Students must adhere to the testing rules for every exam. These rules are enforced by the testing staff. Please click here to review the testing rules.

If you need more information, contact Khalid Snowden.