Curriculum Map
Faculty and Students

Students: The University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Maintaining this status requires direct assessment of practice ready skills recognized as Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). The college has a master list of 130 SLOs that are skills learned and practiced during the clinical year of the student’s education. All core and elective clerkships have a specific set of SLOs approved by the respective service chief. The SLOs for a clerkship will be a combination of SLOs from the master list as well as some specific SLOs that the service chief determined were necessary SLOs for the particular clerkship. Students are required to document the SLOs that they have completed during clerkships. The SLOs students have had the opportunity to complete are submitted electronically via the curriculum map. Please click the button above to access the Curriculum Map database.

An instructional video on how to log in, view list of clerkship specific SLOs, submit SLOs and review progress is provided here. The SLOs are then reviewed by the appropriate representative of the service. Students can view their individual progress by generating a report from the curriculum map as outlined in the above video. It is important to note that professional students must make every effort to submit completed SLOs during clerkships as part of their professional responsibility. Clerkship service chiefs will determine the percentage completion needed for a satisfactory assessment in the clerkship. As a guide, students should remember the submissions should be reflective of the activities required for successful completion of the clerkship. Failure to submit SLOs will result in a U assessment in Readiness to Practice: Professional Maturity and review of student performance by the Academic Advancement Committee.