Pre-Vet Advising

Looking to better understand your path to Veterinary Medicine? Appointments* are available through: in-person or phone.

*Appointments for pre-vet advising are appropriate for college students who are registering for undergraduate courses and have more opportunities to gain pre-veterinary experience due to their age. Students in middle/high school are welcome to call the pre-vet advising office (352-294-8254) to address specific questions about our program. Below you will find resources for high school students as they prepare to achieve their goals!

High School Printouts:
High School Handout
High School to Vet School Timeline
Parents of High School Students

Video- From High School to Vet School

Here is the link for appointments!


Open House is a fantastic opportunity for middle and high school students to find out more about UFCVM, held on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. More information found here:

Please note: Pre-vet advising is not academic advising. Should you need help planning your class schedule or signing up for courses please seek the assistance of an undergraduate advisor. The University of Florida does not have a “pre-vet” major. Students interested in becoming veterinarians should seek majors they are interested in and can provide them with opportunities to complete the UFCVM prerequisite coursework.