Housing Information

UF Housing:

UFCVM students have the option of applying for accommodations that the University of Florida offers in a variety of facilities to meet individual needs. The Division of Housing also maintains an extensive listing of off-campus apartments, houses, and mobile home units offered for rent to students, faculty and staff. Inquiries about housing should be directed to the Division of Housing, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611 at 352-392-2161.

You can find useful links for University Housing information listed below:

UF Graduate and Family Housing: http://www.housing.ufl.edu/gfh/choices/

The Continuum – A provident Community for UF Graduate Students: http://www.thecontinuumforufgrads.com/

University of Florida Off-Campus Life: http://www.offcampus.ufl.edu/

If you are thinking about living off campus, then the UF Office of Off-Campus Life has some great tips and resources to assist you with not just finding off-campus housing but also being successful while you live off-campus.

Off-Campus Housing Locator: http://housing.offcampus.ufl.edu/

Off-Campus Housing Resources: http://www.offcampus.ufl.edu/gator_guide/resources/

This resources page includes off-campus housing tips, safety information, transportation information, commuter student resources, and much more. If you have any questions, please email norak@offcampus.ufl.edu, call 352-392-1207 or stop by the Off-Campus Life office located in 311 Peabody Hall.

Gator Guide: https://www.ufsa.ufl.edu/uploads/ocl/2019-2020_Gator_Guide_to_Off_Campus_Life.pdf

The Gator Guide to Off-Campus Life is the University of Florida’s resource for students living off campus. The publication provides resources and tips to help students to successfully find housing off campus and learn how to be great gator neighbors while living in the Gainesville Community. The Gator Guide to Off-Campus life includes information on budgeting, leases, finding the right place to live, city codes, transportation, tenant rights and responsibilities, neighbor rights and responsibilities, meal memberships on campus, how to get involved on campus, fun things to do off campus and much more.

Here are some sites not affiliated with the University of Florida where you can search for apartments in Gainesville: