Admissions Important Dates

VMCAS Suggested Timeline

  • At least 3 months prior to the deadline, have your letters of recommendation requested, and begin VMCAS application process.
  • At least 2 and half months prior to the deadline, have all transcripts from EVERY institution you have attended sent to VMCAS. Consider ordering a copy for yourself to use when entering coursework information on the VMCAS application.
  • At least 2 months prior to the deadline you should be monitoring your VMCAS application for receipt of all transcripts and letters of recommendation (LORs).
  • At least 1 and half months prior to deadline you should make sure that all transcripts and LORs have been received by VMCAS and application fees have been paid.

VMCAS Contact Information

Student & Advisor Hotline: (617) 612-2884
VMCAS Fax: (617) 612-2051
VMCAS Email Address:

VMCAS Mailing Address for Transcripts:
(Only Mail Transcripts! The VMCAS application and LORs are submitted electronically)

VMCAS – Transcripts
P.O. Box 9126
Watertown, MA 02471

UFCVM 2019-2020 Applicant Timeline

May 9, 2019:

August, 2019:

  • August 15th is the VMCAS recommended deadline to submit a complete application

The earlier your application is submitted the sooner your application can be verified by VMCAS.

September 17, 2019:

  • Deadline to submit the VMCAS Application
  • Deadline to submit the UF Professional Application

January-February, 2020 (Subject to change):

  • Interviews: January 11, January 25 and February 8

March, 2020:

  • Admission notifications emailed to selected applicants

April 15, 2020 (or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend)

  • Deadline for admitted students to accept or decline offers of admission
  • No enrollment deposit required

May-July, 2020

  • Online Orientation begins for newly admitted students

August, 2020

  • New Student Orientation
  • First Year Leadership Experience
  • School Starts