Our Mission

The University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Admissions Committee has developed a strong admissions process in order to select the next generation of veterinarians. The objectives of the admissions committee include the following goals: follow a fair and unbiased, well documented process to select a class of students that possess the academic capability to manage a rigorous science-based curriculum while also demonstrating strong interpersonal and teamwork related communication skills. The selected class should have the potential to enhance the diversity of the veterinary profession through career choice, cultural, ethnic, gender, social-economic, and geographic characteristics.

Our Location

The University of Florida has a long history of delivering excellence in established on site programs in education, research, and service as well as in international education. It is located in Gainesville (GNV), a college town of approximately 125,000 in north central Florida midway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Changes in season are marked, but winters are mild and permit year-around participation in outdoor activities. To learn more about Gainesville, click here!

2018-2019 Applicant Important Dates