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Please read carefully below, for details and instructions regarding externships. Should you have any questions, please contact: Nancy Gullic at (352) 294-4262 or via e-mail at

Externship Database Search

Eligibility and the Basics for Externships

  • Students eligible to complete externships are Juniors and Seniors.
  • Juniors may complete externship(s) at any point throughout their year.
  • Seniors must complete their externship(s) either the summer before they begin their senior year or, the fall of their senior year. Seniors are not allowed to complete externships during their Spring term as it is mandatory they remain on campus.
  • Externships are completely optional and not required in order for students to graduate.
  • Whether you complete your externship(s) at a practice or academic institution, how you earn credit is the same and nothing changes.
  • The minimum time spent at one externship location is two weeks. The maximum stay at one externship location is four weeks.
  • Liability Insurance: Students are advised to purchase liability insurance through the AVMA. The cost is around $10. However, before purchasing, you need to ensure that the practice you desire to complete your externship at is a member of the AVMA. If they are not a member with the AVMA then your AVMA insurance will not work there in the event you should need it. If the practice(s) you desire to go to is not a member of the AVMA, then we suggest you select a different practice. Should you be completing your externship(s) at an academic institution, then you do not need to purchase this insurance.

Externship Forms

You will receive an e-mail seven (7) days before you leave for your externship, together with a form informing OSI of the practice name, location, phone number, email and supervising veterinarian.  One day (1) before the end your Externship you will receive an e-mail with instructions and an evalauton of your experience at this location together with a grade form which you will forward to your Externship supervisor for evaluating your performance.

Earning Credit(s)

  • You may earn up to 8 credits but are not required to do so. For example, if you only want to complete one externship you may.
  • You may complete up to 3 externships meaning, at three different locations. If you decide to do more than three externships you will not receive additional credit.
  • There are several ways to earn credit for externships:
  • To earn 2 to 4 credits: Complete a month long externship at one practice or, complete two, 2 week externships at different locations.
  • To earn 6 credits: Complete three, 2 week externships.
  • To earn 8 credits: Stay at any practice or academic institution for 4 weeks and earn 4 credits plus, complete two more externships at two different locations and stay at each one for two weeks and earn your additional 4 credits totaling you with 8 full externship credit hours.

**Any externships completed after already having completed three full externships or earning 8 credits, will not receive any additional credit.

Protocol for Externship Planning

  • Check to see if the practice(s) you would like to complete an externship at is approved. (See “Externship Search” and “Externship Approval” below, for further detail).
  • If and/or when approved, meet with or contact Nancy Gullic at or (352) 294-4262 to see when your schedule will allow you to fit in the externship(s) you desire to complete. This is essential in order for you to provide valid dates of when you are available to the practice(s).
  • NOTE OF IMPORTANCE – If you do not complete the Externship Location Form that you receive seven (7) days before leaving for the externship you will not be granted academic credit for said Externship.  OSI must know at all times where students are when enrolled for academic credit.  Credit will not be given to any student who completed an externship say, while on vacation, and then tells us. We do not give out credit for externships retroactively.
  • Complete a ‘Externship Location’ form.This form simply tells us where you will be, your start and end date at this location and a few other details. You will receive via e-mail (7) days before leaving for said Externship.
  • One (1) day before the end of your Externship you will receive via e-mail an ‘Evaluation of Student by Supervising Veterinarian’ form which will need to given to your Externship Supervisor so they can assess your performance.  You will also receive a form evaluating your experience at this site.  We require students to provide us with feedback of each externship experience for future students to review when planning their externship opportunities.
  • Externship Approval

Have a practice or location in mind that is not listed in our ‘Externship Search’ database? Remember, the practice(s) you choose to complete an externship at must be approved by our Curriculum Committee which meets once a month. Send an ‘Externship Approval Form’ to that location and have them fill it out with requested additional information/documents and direct them to fax it to (352) 846-2744 Attn: Nancy Gullic. They may also e-mail it to:

***Please note that all academic institutions are automatically approved even if they are not listed in our ‘Externship Search’ database.