Career Services – Employers

Your contact for the UF College of Veterinary Medicine is Katelyn Jerles, Assistant Director for Career & Industry Engagement.  Katelyn works with the college faculty, staff, and students on career initiatives promoting career and professional development.  She meets individually with students, presents to classes and student organizations, and hosts events surrounding career.  She also works with employers on recruiting at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, you may request a customized consultation by contacting Katelyn.  You can reach her at 352-294-8504 or

To learn more about our annual UF CVM Career Day click here

Resources for Employers

  • Informational
    • Get to know the UF CVM Student Body – Utilize the UF Office of Institutional Planning and Research to filter for the ‘College of Veterinary Medicine’ and utilize the interactive platform to learn more about our students.  The UF Career Resource Center offers data on graduation including where students go after graduation, salary, bonus, motivatiors, and job search resources utilized, edit the tool by selecting ‘Veterinary Medicine’ as the degree type.
    • Interested in staying in the loop regarding UF CVM recruiting?  Join our listserv by following this link and subscribing to ‘UFCVMEmployers’ ListServ
  • Recruiting
    • Virtual
      • Gator CareerLink (GCL) – this is our UF student and alumni job database where you can post positions for free!  Including the words veterinary, veterinarian, DVM, or animal in the job posting will result in your position viewable through our CVM widget here.  The Quickstart guide is attached to help you navigate this process.  You can post veterinary technician, DVM, part time, full time, relief, externship and many other types of positions in here – all are welcomed!
      • Weekly Job Email – Submit your posting to be included in our weekly job email that is sent weekly to our DVM Students, CVM Grad Students, current offshores students in UF clinics, UF Residents and Interns in the hospital, and our last 5 years of alumni.  Complete this form to submit your job posting.  Each posting will run for two weeks and can be updated by re-submitting the form.
      • Social Media is another great way to connect with students. Our UF CVM Careers Facebook page is a great way to get in front of students and alumni. You are welcome to post as a visitor any position announcements or interesting career posts that you’d like to share, please post these as regular posts and not ‘job postings’ through Facebook, this affects how the post is presented on the page.  Most of our DVM classes and student organizations have a Facebook page, it may be helpful to search these organizations on Facebook.  Reaching out to the page administrators may be an option to market your position/organization.
      • Externship Database – Our students utilize the externship database when searching for externship opportunities. The curriculum committee approves these so there is a bit of a wait to be added, but it is another great resource (in addition to GCL) to advertise externship opportunities.
      • Student Organizations – Another great way to connect directly with students, here are all our UF CVM student organizations (not all may be currently active).  To search student organizations and reach out to them, utilize UF’s Gator Connect 2.0
      • You can access email addresses for the UF DVM Class Officers.  You are welcome to reach out to them to spread emails and other announcements.
    • On Campus
      • Connect with a student organization to speak at a meeting or support them in their efforts through UF’s Gator Connect
      • Opportunities to host educational events, information sessions, and other events for students – We are happy to work with you if your organization is interested in hosting a stand-alone event, if you have any of particular interest please contact Katelyn.  We also host wellness and student focused events through our Student Affairs team, if you are interested in collaborating or supporting the students through these events please contact Katelyn Jerles.