Career Day Information for Students

UF CVM Career Day

November 8, 2017

9:30am – 6pm

Banfield Room A/B, UF Small Animal Hospital

Career day is split into two separate parts.  The first portion of the day is filled with a lunch panel on benefits, mock interviews and resume reviews by veterinary professionals for primarily fourth year students.  Fourth Year Students have first priority during this portion of the day and may find more information regarding the day on the Facebook Event, to register for the day complete this form.

The second portion of Career Day the Career Fair/Networking Session.  This event is open and highly encourage for students of all years. If you plan on attending this portion of Career Day please RSVP on the Facebook Event.

Student Registration coming soon


For Students

  • Students of all years are strongly encouraged to attend the UF CVM Career Day Career Fair.

Career Day FAQs

 –  When is Career Day? 
The exact date of Career Day changes every year but it has historically been hosted early to mid fall semester, this year it is on 9/14/17.

 – What goes on during Career Day?
Career Day has various career development opportunities for all UF CVM students (of all years, fields, and stages).  It includes one-on-one mock interviews and resume reviews with employers, a lunch and learn panel on benefits and career, and a Career Fair and Networking session from 2:30pm-6pm.  Fourth year students are given first opportunity to register but then registration will be open to students of all years.  You can view the student schedule for the day here.
Career Day offers the rare opportunity to connect and get feedback from real veterinary professionals.  You can ask someone in the profession questions you have been struggling with such as – Do you care if my resume goes over one page?  Should I mention other ‘non-vet’ experience in my interview? and What do you really look for when you hire?

– Why would I benefit from attending?
Career Day is a great opportunity to network in the veterinary field.  Whether you are a fourth year student interested in an internship or a full time position or you are a second year thinking about externships or even first year making plans for the summer, all the employers are here to connect with you!  Many of the attending employers are very open to hosting externs, interns, or even part time/summer staff! If you are not currently looking for a position, Career Day can be a great opportunity for getting feedback on your resume and interview while practicing your networking and small talk skills.

– But I have more questions!  Who can I talk to?
You can email Laura de Armas at

Before Career Day

  • Review UF CVM Career Resources and schedule an appointment with your Career Counselor to craft and/or review your resume, CV, and other application materials.
  • Get your resume reviewed during Career Day Drop-In times.
  • Research the employers attending and learn about their organizations and positions.  See who’s planning on attending above.
  • Perfect your handshakes and elevator pitches for employers.
  • Plan your outfit and print off multiple copies of your resume/CV.
  • Write down SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time sensitive) goals for the day. Examples include – ‘Connect with 5 potential employers in your area of interest’ or ‘Practice Elevator pitch 10 times to various employers’.


The Day Of

  • Dress professionally and arrive early for the day, turn off your cell phone and focus your attention on your goals for the day.
  • Student Schedule – UF CVM Career Day 2017- One-on-one Mock Interview and Resume Reviews are available throughout the morning and early afternoon on a sign-up basis followed by a Lunch Panel on Benefits and wrapping up with a Career Fair/Networking Event from 2:30pm-6pm.
  • Parking – parking is reserved for our campus guests and will not be reserved for students.


After Career Day

  • Follow up with your contacts you met (through business cards) regarding your conversations.
  • Send thank you notes to anyone organization that interviewed you.
  • Follow up with your Career Counselor and utilize our UF CVM Career Resources regarding next steps by scheduling an appointment through Gator CareerLink.


Questions about Career Day?  Contact Laura de Armas at