Student Wellness

Our student wellness program seeks to enhance the individual and collective health of the student body through a wide range of programs, services, and resources. Through a partnership with the student affairs staff and a licensed counselor, we work to develop a community environment that creates, emphasizes and supports healthy choices and positive decision making regarding health, safety and wellness. Click here to see a gallery of our wellness activities!

Top 6 De-stressing Tips!

  • 1. Exercise: Take time to stretch, punch a boxing bag or jog a few miles.
  • 2. Socialize: Spend time with family and close friends in person or phone.
  • 3. Laugh: Engage in activities that you enjoy…you need to take breaks!
  • 4. Self-Care: Eating healthy, drink water and get plenty of rest.
  • 5. Be Thankful: Be thankful of where you are and the support you have.
  • 6. Be Positive: Focus on what you do well and the feedback you receive.


Ron Del Moro, PhD

Personal & Group Counseling

OSI has a staffed counselor here to serve you in an individual, couple or group context. Dr. Ron Del Moro is a licensed mental health counselor and has served clients, students and veterinarians for many years. In addition, he’s played a major role in driving a positive, cultural change by helping student veterinarians have courageous conversations in a community setting about the latest issues in the veterinary field and what can be done during their time in our DVM curriculum.

It is his passion to see current and future veterinarians create a healthy balance by maintaining their love for medicine and personal goals. To setup an appointment, you may contact Dr. Del Moro at 352-283-0028.


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