Audience Polling

General Overview

A Classroom Response System is a technology for electronically and wirelessly collecting and analyzing student responses to questions posed in the classroom, in real time.  TurningPoint is one type of classroom response system where participants use “clickers” like the image shown to the right to provide responses during a presentation or class session. Potential uses of clickers include:



  • Pre-assess student knowledge of material before beginning a lecture.
  • Assess whether students are acquiring and/or recalling information.
  • Determine if material is being delivered effectively.
  • Stimulate discussions within a class.
  • Identify and document learning objectives associated with a course.
  • Identify chronic student deficiencies or competencies.
Video Introduction to Clicker Use and Demonstration
(July 26th, 2012) This video was recorded in Lecture Hall A and demonstrates the use of clickers to CVM faculty and discusses advantages of their use.

Training Tutorials

These tutorials cover how to create a presentation that includes TurningPoint clicker-type questions, as well as how to customize presentation slides to incorporate various features of the software:

Help Resources

College of Veterinary Medicine IT/AV Staff –have installed the necessary software and hardware in Lecture Halls A, B, Equine Auditorium and New Auditorium.  If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, contact the IT staff for assistance with installing the TurningPoint software necessary for creating presentations.

Office for Students and Instruction – have communicated clicker requirement to class of 2015, 2016 and 2017. The Education Center staff can meet with instructors in their offices or classrooms to help familiarize faculty with clicker use. If you plan to make use of clickers in the classroom, we recommend trying out your presentations in the classroom at least three business days before your class session so that there is time to remedy any unexpected issues prior to the actual class session.

Office of Academic Technology  Classroom Support Staff – provides general information on how to use clickers, can answer general questions about their capabilities and use. This office has the most collective experience with the use of clickers.


The clicker software (known as “TurningPoint”) can be installed from here this web site linked below. It is necessary to have this TurningPoint software installed on the computer that you use to create presentations. The software is free and the PC version can be downloaded from here:

If you are installing the software on a work computer, you may need assistance from the IT staff as most of the CVM computers do not allow faculty or staff to install software onto them.  However, the IT staff can help you install the software if needed. This same software can be used on a personal laptop or home computer as well. To request IT’s assistance in installing the software, you can call (352) 265-0526 or open a help ticket from this web page:

The Mac version of the software can be downloaded from this site:
Click on the “TurningPoint 5” section, then select the Mac link.

If you have the option of using a PC to create your presentation, we recommend that route. Not all support staff are fluent with the use of Mac computers. However, we can refer you to staff on main campus if you need to use your Mac to create the presentations if you need further assistance.

 Last Updated May 7th, 2013