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The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to have an extensive array of teaching and clinical spaces equipped with state-of-the-art computing and multimedia capabilities to support and enhance our instructional activities. Our teaching spaces are supported through a collaborative effort by our IT, AudioVisual and Education Center staff. If you need immediate A/V assistance, please call (352) 294-4999. If your request is not time-sensitive, then submit a help request.

Lecture Hall Picture

Our clinical spaces are able to connect with large teaching spaces via audio and high-definition (HD) video sharing. Computer-generated content can be shared across teaching spaces via our sophisticated audiovisual network. Our teaching spaces can connect with other UF spaces as well as other institutions via video teleconferencing and web conferencing technologies.

Index of A/V Teaching Spaces

All of the following locations are equipped with a computer loaded with Microsoft Windows, the standard load of teaching software, and a means of displaying the computer content onto a large projection screen or monitor displays. Each computer has at least one open USB port, and can access the local college network drives. A functional Gatorlink account is needed to access and use these computers.

Veterinary Academic Building Rooms (Building 1017)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
V1-101 Dean’s Circle Lecture Hall A 120 MediaSite, TechSmith Relay
V1-103 Lecture Hall B 40 MediaSite, TechSmith Relay
V1-110G Education Center Computer Lab 48 Adobe Connect
V1-138 Dean’s Conference Room 17 MediaSite
V1-200 Anatomy Teaching Laboratory 120 None
V1-230 Surgery Teaching Laboratory 120 None
V2-126 Clinical Skills Lab 120 TechSmith Relay
V3-170 ID & P Conference Room 25 None
V3-108 ID & P Meeting Room  8 None

Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Building 215)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
VC-1A SACS Conference Room  15 None
VS-43 Anatomic & Clin Path Teaching Lab  TBD None
VS-20 Clinical Skills Lab  N/A None
VH-20 Neurology Rounds  8 None
VH-38 Cytology Readout  TBD None
VH-89B Shelter Medicine Conf. Rm.  9 None
VS-18D Shelter Medicine Meeting Rm.  10 None
VS-18B Ophthalmology Rounds Room  8 None

New Auditorium (Building 221)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
Auditorium New Auditorium 160 Mediasite, TechSmith Relay

Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital (Building 1018)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
VE-104 Equine Auditorium  120 MediaSite, TechSmith Relay
VE-110 LAH Conference Room  10 None
VE-114 LAH Rounds Room (Being Updated)  14 None

Small Animal Hospital (Building 75)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
108 Admin Conference Room  5 None
340A Banfield Seminar Room A  60 TechSmith Relay
340B Banfield Seminar Room B  60 TechSmith Relay
342 Conference Room  8 None
343 Conference Room  10 None
344 Conference Room  16 TBA
157 Cardiology Rounds Room  TBD TBA
163 Emergency and Crit Care Rounds  TBD TBA
183 Oncology Rounds  TBD TBA
170 Surgery Rounds  TBD TBA
173 Internal Medicine Rounds  TBD TBA
153 Primary Care and Dentistry Rounds  TBD TBA
279A Anesthesia Rounds  TBD TBA
282 Endoscopy Procedures  TBD TBA
268 Operating Room 1  N/A ImageCore
267 Operating Room 2  N/A ImageCore
265 Operating Room 4  N/A ImageCore
263 Operating Room 5  N/A ImageCore
260 Operating Room 6  N/A ImageCore
250 Operating Room 7  N/A ImageCore
253 Operating Room 8  N/A ImageCore
255 Operating Room 10  N/A ImageCore
256 Operating Room 11  N/A ImageCore

FARMS – Deriso Hall (Building 165)

Rm. Number Room Name Seats Record Options
101 FARMS Conference Room  15 None


Last Updated: August 10, 2015