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Faculty Workroom

faculty_workroomGeneral Information

The Faculty Workroom located in room V1-104 of the Education Center was created as a physical space to primarily support the needs of faculty and instructional support staff involved in developing distance education courses. This space is also available for faculty and staff involved in traditional instruction to create supplemental instructional materials.This room is equipped with  three computer stations and a color printer for occasional color printing.

Two empty desks are also available for individuals with laptop computers. Along with the rest of the Education Center, this room has wireless Internet access. If you need assistance with using the computers in this room, please contact Education Coordinator.  Please schedule the use of this room in advance as it is used for a variety of purposes and may not always be readily available. Other uses of this room follow below.

Creating Interactive Presentations

Each of the computers in the Faculty Workroom is equipped with the TurningPoint “clicker” software for creating interactive presentations. One of the computers is also equipped with a clicker receiver so that faculty members may try out their presentations when their classrooms are not available. We have two clickers that can be used for practice purposes and trying out presentations.

Image and Document Scanning

Each computer in the Faculty Workroom is equipped with a scanner for digitizing text or images. The software on these computers can create PDF files or popular image files (.jpeg, .tif, etc.)  of scanned items.

Hoteling Office

Faculty members or support staff involved in distance education courses may schedule this room to use as a temporary office. As one example, we’ve had a guest lecturer from out of state need a place to work for a week while she developed lectures for one of our distance learning course. In another case, a part-time faculty member makes occasional use of this space as he does not have an on-campus office at this point in time.

Media Production

Each of the computers in the Faculty Workroom has Camtasia Relay software installed on it for creating narrated screen recordings or training tutorials. Camtasia Relay is available to any faculty members involved in teaching courses, whether traditional or online. When classrooms are not available, this room may also be used for occasional conventional video recording for needs associated with distance education courses.

Instructional Technology Evaluation

Education Center staff evaluate and test various pieces of software in this room – such as our screen sharing and mouse pointer software software utilized in the Computer Lab, and online learning platforms such as Adobe Connect currently used in distance education courses.

Office for Part-Time Staff

This Faculty Workroom is used by our part-time staff including our Classroom Support Assistants. Aside from these students, the use of the room is typically limited to faculty and staff.

This page was last updated on February 28, 2014.