Florida and National Board Information

Florida Board Information:

The practice of veterinary medicine is controlled by a central agency in each state. In Florida, it is the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine, which is under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Professional Regulation. Practice acts vary, but most states rely on results of the National Veterinary Board Examination to determine which applicants are qualified to practice in their state. The Florida Department of Professional Regulation supervises the administration of National and State Board examinations, both of which are used in their licensing procedure.

Fourth-year veterinary students are privileged to sit for both examinations during the early part of December and again in April. For further information, please contact: Beware that registration for the December NAVLE is required months in advance with a usual deadline of August 1.

Contact information for Florida Board Director:

Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Ruthanne Christie

1940 North Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0787

Phone: 850-487-8304

 Addresses of state boards and digests of State Veterinary Practice Acts can be found in the AVMA directory. Veterinary students must participate in a validation procedure that enables the practicing veterinarian to participate in state and federal disease control eradication programs and to issue health certificates. For further information, please contact:

APHIS Veterinary Services

Area Veterinarian-in Charge, USDA

7022 NW 10 Place

Gainesville, FL 32605

Phone: 352-333-3120

 National Board of Veterinary Medicinal Examiners:

P.O. Box 1356

Bismarck, ND 58502 USA

701-224-0332    mail@nbvme.org