Please read carefully the details and instructions regarding externships. Should you have any questions, please contact: Dot McColskey at (352) 294-4260 or via e-mail at mccolskeyd@ufl.edu.

Externship opportunities are considered valuable in our curriculum. Externships are completely optional and not required for a student to graduate. However, these experiences provide wonderful opportunities for students to gain insight into working in private practices, specialty clinics and many times, at locations students wish to apply for employment.

Find Approved Externship Locations

Use the Externship Database Search to find approved externship locations.

Log onto this database by using a computer at the CVM campus and using your Gatorlink ID/password.

Important Facts and Regulations for Students about Completing Externships

  • Externships are pass/fail.
  • Only 3rd and 4th year students are eligible to register for externships.
  • During the Spring semester of the 4th year, (UF) students may only complete an externship during a period when they have been granted a vacation. Externships cannot be substituted for clinical rotations.
  • All externships must be approved in advance by members of the curriculum committee. While the college maintains a database of many available externships, additional locations can be approved by submitting the required Application Request for Practice Approval. This form must be submitted by the practice, NOT the student! Please be sure you plan in advance and ask your externship location to submit this request at least 4 months before your visit so the committee may review the information.
  • Students must be enrolled in OSI (Offshore student), and My.ufl  (UF student), at an approved Externship practice and have completed the Request for Externship Form to be awarded academic credit.   Retroactive credit will not be awarded, you must be registered for the externship before attending.
  • All externships must be supervised by a licensed veterinarian or doctoral level research scientist.
  • Students are not permitted to complete international externships for academic credit.
  • Students are not permitted to completed an externship under the supervision of a family member.   
  • Liability Insurance: Students are advised to purchase liability insurance through the AVMA. They have sponsored it for FREE for members of SAVMA. Please remember to discuss liability insurance with the practice location at some point before beginning the externship; it is a good conversation to have in order to ensure everyone has the same understanding of what how you are covered! Should you be completing your externship(s) at an academic institution, then you do not need to purchase this insurance.

*NOTE: Academic institutions and Government institutions are pre-approved externship sites. They may not be listed in the database, but they are approved for academic credit. There is no need to send the supervisor the Application Request for Practice Approval.

Earning Credit(s) 

  • Students are permitted to complete a total of 3 externship experiences at approved locations.  They must complete the Externship Request Form once they have confirmed dates of externship at approved location. 
  • The maximum number of externship credits a student may accumulate towards graduation is eight (8). The eight (8) maximum credits are achieved by attending a one-month long externship, eligible for 4 credits and then 2 two-week externships for 2 credits each.
  • Each externship you attend must be at a different location. If you decide to do more than three externships, or attend for longer than the allotted weeks, you will not receive additional credit but are welcome to do so on your own vacation time. It will be considered a personal experience.
  • Examples of earning externship credit:
    • Earn 2 credits: Complete 2 weeks at one practice location.
    • Earn 4 credits: Complete a 1-month long externship at one practice.
    • Earn 6 credits: Complete three individual 2-week externships, earning 2 credits per experience. Each externship at a different location.
    • Earn 8 credits: Complete a 1-month long externship to earn 4 credits. Plus, complete two more externships at two different locations for two weeks each, earning 2 credits per experience. This totals 8 credits and gives the maximum allowed externship credit hours.

*Any odd number of weeks spent at an externship site will still be given either 2 or 4 credits (i.e. 3 weeks = 2 credits, 5 weeks = 4 credits).

Evaluations and Grading

You will receive an e-mail seven (7) days before you leave for your externship. This email comes from E Value and requests basic information regarding the externship location. It is the student’s responsibility to fill out this document as it is a vital part of receiving academic credit for externships!  One day (1) before the end of your Externship you will receive an e-mail with instructions and two evaluations. One is for you, the student, regarding your experience at the externship location; the other is a PDF grade form which you will forward to your externship supervisor and they will use this to evaluate your performance during the externship. This grade form is to be sent to the attention of Dot McColskey at mccolskeyd@ufl.edu by the externship supervisor. See a sample of the Externship Grade Form Preview. Once the student’s grade is recorded, a copy of the grade form will be sent to you, the student, for review.


Remember, it’s your responsibility to ask a question if you’re not sure.  We are ready to help, just ask!

Externship Coordinator: Dot McColskey (352) 294-4260 mccolskeyd@ufl.edu