Aquatic Animal Health

DSCF1255-CopyThe University of Florida has a very active aquatic animal health program that is a collaborative effort between the College of Veterinary Medicine, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and Biology at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Partnerships with federal and state agencies, and other public and private aquatic institutions throughout the state further enhance the scope of the program, including USGS, USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Services, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld, the Florida Aquarium, and commercial aquaculture facilities, just to name a few…

The purpose of this certificate program is to identify and recognize veterinary students with an interest in aquatic animal health and provide guidance to them during their veterinary studies to help them develop a knowledge base in this specialty. We offer courses both on-campus as well as online graduate-level courses.

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Contact Information:

Dr. Micheal Walsh, Clinical Associate Professor & Co-Director of Aquatic Animal Health Program
Dr. Thomas Waltzek, Assistant Professor & Co-Director of Aquatic Animal Health Program
Dr. Iske V. Larkin, Lecturer & Education Coordinator