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Pre-Requisite Coursework

What are the prerequisite courses?

The UFCVM requires 80 credits of specific college coursework in order to be eligible for admission. A complete list of prerequisites can be found on our website. Should you have any questions regarding a class you are taking and whether or not it will fulfill a prerequisite, please contact with your course number, institution, and a link to the course catalog and/or syllabus for the semester/year in which the course was taken.

Do I have to complete all of the required prerequisite courses before I can apply?

At the time of application, applicants should have completed at least 80% of prerequisites.

Will you accept Advance Placement credit taken in high school?

Yes. We will accept these credits as long as they are documented on an undergraduate transcript. Please visit this page to learn more about AICE / AP / IB credits.

Can College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit be used to fulfill prerequisites?

CLEP will be accepted based on the rules put forth by the University Registrar. More information can be found by clicking here.

Will you accept credits from courses taken at foreign institutions?

Yes. We will accept courses that have been verified by VMCAS.

What undergraduate majors does the UFCVM prefer in the admissions process?

The most common majors are Biology and Animal Science. That being said, the UFCVM does NOT have a preferred undergraduate major. The prerequisite courses can be completed in any major. We recommend majoring in an area that you enjoy and that will provide you with the background that you desire, as this will result in your best possible academic performance. Please see here for the variety of majors that UFCVM has admitted in the past.

Where should I take the prerequisite courses?

You can take the prerequisite courses at any accredited two-year or four-year college or university.

Please note that higher level pre-requisites such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Genetics must be completed at an accredited 4-year institution. Special attention must be taken for the following pre-requisites:

  • Microbiology: We will not accept a course intended for allied health programs such as the one required for nursing majors.

A Note on Elective Courses

The student should select subjects which are intellectually stimulating, challenging, and that contribute to overall development and maturation. Because of the demands of the professional curriculum, it is highly recommended that prospective students enroll in challenging courses that go beyond the pre-professional requirements; useful courses include comparative anatomy, embryology, and physiology. Superior performance in these kinds of courses will not only enhance the academic image of the applicant, but will also help build a solid base for more detailed courses in the professional curriculum.

Methods of observation and collection of data, evaluation, deduction, and interpretation of findings are extremely important. The analysis and organization of a set of observations into its simple components and synthesis of many fragments of data into a working hypothesis on which a plan of action can be based are critical. The student should keep these objectives in mind throughout pre-professional training. Courses that might be helpful in this area include Physics, Psychology, and other sciences.

A high degree of skill in the use of spoken and written language should be developed to extract a story accurately, to record facts systematically for the use of others, and to transmit instructions precisely. Proficiency in accurate, rapid, interpretive reading should also be mastered. Courses that might be helpful in this area include English literature, English composition, public speaking, and foreign languages. The study of foreign languages enhances appreciation of the exact meaning of words.

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Admissions Requirements

Is there a minimum GPA or GRE requirement?

The recommended minimum Science GPA is 3.00. It’s recommended that you have a GRE score at or above the 60th percentile on both the verbal and quantitative sections.

What are the average GPA and GRE statistics of an accepted UF vet student?

You can see complete class statistics and demographic information on this page.

How much pre-vet experience should I have before I apply?

There is not a minimum requirement for pre-vet experience when applying to the UFCVM. However, we recommend that you gain consistent experience working with veterinarians, either in a clinical or research setting. All types of experience are accepted, including, but not limited to paid experience, volunteering, shadowing, research, etc.

How many references do I need to apply?

The UFCVM requires a minimum of three references. At least one letter should come from a veterinarian and it is recommended to have two letters from veterinarians and one from an academic or professional source. In some cases, a fourth letter of recommendation may provide additional insight and can be valuable. Committee letters are accepted.

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Application Procedures

How do I apply to the UF College of Veterinary Medicine (UFCVM)?

Complete a VMCAS application

The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) is required for all UFCVM applicants.

Complete the University of Florida Professional Application

The University of Florida Professional Application is required for all applicants to UF professional schools. Once you complete the application, you will be assigned a University of Florida Identification (UF ID) number which will be required to set up an account with the UFCVM. Please note that UF charges a $30 fee for this application. Applicants will also need to complete an Inventory of Pre-requisites and submit a professional-style photo (EXAMPLE). Please see the VMCAS application for instructions on submitting these materials. These supplemental requirements can be accessed through the VMCAS application.

Deadlines and Additional Information

For up-to-date information regarding admissions deadlines, click here.

Does UF charge a separate fee for the UF Professional Application?

Yes. The fee is $30.

Where should I send the payment for the UF Professional Application?

University of Florida
Office of Admissions
PO Box 2946
Gainesville, FL 32627-2946

Please note that if you mail the application fee to the UFCVM by mistake, the payment will be returned to sender, delaying the application process.

Do I have to participate in an interview to be accepted to the UFCVM?

Yes. The final step in the UFCVM admissions process is a 45-minute panel interview normally conducted in the beginning of February.

If I am out of the country or otherwise unable to check the status of my application, can I have friends or family contact you?

No. Your application is confidential. We can only release the information to the applicant.

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VMCAS Procedures

VMCAS does not allow enough space for all of the supplemental documents to be uploaded. How can I upload all required materials to my application?

VMCAS only allows applicants to upload two documents. You can merge your documents together to make one upload by making one or two PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat or before submitting to VMCAS.

The VMCAS application states that I need to submit the Prerequisite Inventory Sheet. Do I need to create this document?

No, this document is provided by the UF CVM via the UF Program Details section of the VMCAS application. Hyperlinks are available for all supplemental forms to be downloaded prior to submission.

Will I receive notification via email regarding my file’s status?

UFCVM will be in contact with applicants via email if there are missing materials from your file. If your file is complete, we do not send notifications of completion. You should be monitoring the receipt of the application materials on VMCAS.

What happens if VMCAS does not receive my transcripts?

If all transcripts are not received on time, the applicant may be considered incomplete and therefore not verified and possibly not reviewed. There can be delays or unforeseen issues. You should always send transcripts early. DO NOT wait for summer grades to send a full transcript. You must send transcripts from every institution that you have attended, even if those grades were transferred to another institution, as well as any institution where an applicant was dual enrolled as a High School student. We strongly recommend applications and transcripts to be submitted by mid to late August.

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Where do I mail my transcripts?

All transactions must be submitted to VMCAS by published deadline.

VMCAS – Transcripts
PO Box 9126
Watertown, MA 02471

Note: We will NOT forward transcripts to VMCAS if we receive them. We cannot forward transcripts once they are opened.

Do I need a transcript from every college I’ve ever attended?

Yes, applicants must send transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended, regardless of whether “course credit transferred” appears on one particular transcript. This includes college coursework taken in high school.

How do I verify that the course I have taken is equivalent to the UFCVM requirement?

In order to determine whether a course by a different number/name will satisfy our requirements, applicants can visit our website (, and click the hyperlinked course number listed by the course you wish to verify. This will direct you to the University of Florida’s Undergraduate Catalog where you will find a description of the course. If the descriptions are very similar and the same topics are covered, the course will most likely be satisfactory.

If after comparing the descriptions you are still concerned, we would be glad to review and verify the course for you. Verifications are processed from May to July for the current application cycle. Verifications will not be processed after August 1st.

In order for UFCVM to process any verification requests, the following information must be sent to

  1. Web link to the institution where the course(s) were/will be completed, preferably the course catalog link.
  2. Course number for the course(s) at the institution where completed.
  3. Syllabus and/or at least a description of the course.
  4. Unofficial transcript, (optional)

Why aren’t prerequisite verification requests processed after August 1st?

Prerequisite verifications (PRV) are completed as part of the normal admissions procedures. We will complete a PRV for every applicant selected for review. Once this review process is completed, applicants will be notified regarding incomplete or incorrect course work.

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What is your GRE school code?

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine GRE school code is 5753 U Florida COLG Vet Medcn VMCAS.

For more information about the GRE, please visit the ETS site.

When do I need to take the GRE ?

The GRE should be taken no later than one month prior to the application deadline. The last date to take the GRE is August 31st. This allows for processing time and on time delivery of GRE scores prior to the deadline. However, it is suggested that applicants take the exam early to allow time to retake the exam if necessary and still meet the submission deadline.

How do I know if my GRE scores have been received?

Applicants can check their VMCAS application portal to see when GRE scores have been received.

How do I find my percentile rank?

Your official GRE score report will contain your test scores as well as the associated percentile ranks. The percentile rank is based on the percentage of individuals who have taken the GRE recently and scored lower.

How old can my GRE scores be?

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) keeps your official GRE score(s) for five years since you tested. Therefore, it depends on the date you sat for the GRE and when you will be ready to apply for admission to our DVM program.

ETS Scores

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Financial Aid

How much does vet school cost?

Tuition for Florida Residents is $28,787 per year.

Tuition for Non-Sponsored students (out-of-state) is $45,500 per year and is fixed for all four years of your education regardless of any future changes in residency status.

Please visit this page for the most current tuition information.

How do I pay for vet school?

It is possible for students to fund their entire education with federally insured Direct Loans.

The primary financial aid instruments available to vet students are Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct PLUS Loans. You can find more information about these loan instruments by clicking here.

Are there scholarships available at the UFCVM?

Yes. The scholarships are awarded bi-annually by a scholarship committee. There are very few scholarships that require an application and almost all scholarships are reserved for enrolled students. There are a small number of scholarships given to incoming freshmen based on residency and academic merit.

How do I budget my money?

Learn more about budgeting with this informational video / presentation presented by the College’s financial aid officer Angela Moore (students: log in with your Gatorlink credentials)

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