Residency Requirements

Residency is determined by the UF Registrar’s Office and must be established a minimum of one year in advance of enrollment in courses for the DVM program. If you plan to obtain residency for tuition purposes, we recommend contacting the UF Registrar’s Office (352-392-1365) more than one year in advance to learn what steps must be taken in order to qualify.

Sponsored tuition and fees is reserved for established Florida residents only. Documentation including (but not limited to) federal income tax returns will be required by the Registrar’s Office (for more information, please visit and call 352-392-1365). Each year, 88 seats are reserved for Sponsored students.

Those applicants who have had legal residency outside of the state of Florida within one year of the start of their DVM program will only be eligible for Non-Sponsored tuition and fees. Once a student is designated as Non-Sponsored, this status will remain in place for all four years of the student’s DVM education regardless of any residency changes after this initial designation. Each year, 24 seats are reserved for Non-Sponsored students.

All students accepting Non-Sponsored seats at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine will pay fixed annual Non-Sponsored tuition and fees for the duration of their time in the DVM program regardless of any state or university increases in tuition or any changes in residency status.

It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure that they will be able to provide the appropriate documentation if intending to qualify for Sponsored tuition and fees. Please call 352-392-1365 for more details.