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Tuition/Fees/Financial Aid

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine accepts 112 students each year, 88 from Florida and 24 for the Non-Sponsored program (typically out-of-state applicants). More than 90% of these students will require some form of Student Financial Aid during the course of their education. This website contains information and links that should help you understand the basic concepts regarding the cost of attending the UFCVM and what types of financial aid are available to perspective students.

For a brief introduction to Federal Financial Aid, please watch the following videos: Accepted students should fill out their FAFSA in the spring semester before they matriculate, ideally before March 15th in any year. FAFSA Intro Video FAFSA How-To Video After you fill out FAFSA Video

Tuition and Fees

Florida Resident Tuition and Fees – $28,787 total per year, paid bi-annually in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year (around $14,393 per semester). Florida resident tuition and fees are subject to change each year.

Non-Sponsored Tuition and Fees – $45,500 per year, paid bi-annually in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year ($22,750 per semester). Non-Sponsored tuition and fees is fixed for all four years of your UFCVM education regardless of any increases in tuition or changes in applicant residency status. At this time, only Out-of-state students are eligible for the UFCVM Non-Sponsored program.

Note: The Non-Sponsored tuition and fees is fixed for four years regardless of any state or university increases in tuition or any changes in your residency status.

Types of Financial Aid

  • Unsubsidized Direct Loan

    • Eligible for $47,167 total for fall, spring, and summer of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year
    • Eligible to borrow up to $40,500 total for 4th year
  • Direct Plus Loan

    • Requires a separate application
    • Eligibility depends on the formula: Total Cost of Attendance (minus) current outstanding financial aid from the current academic year
    • You can apply for Direct Plus Loans at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine by watching this how-to video from the office of UF Financial Affairs.
  • Health Professions Student Loan

    • Typically awarded to Non-Sponsored students (awards vary, but typically range from $3,000-$6,000 annually).
    • Applicants must include their parent’s information on the FAFSA to even have a chance at being eligible
  • Scholarships

    • UFCVM Scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria including financial need as determined by your FAFSA, academic success, and faculty nomination by representatives of the UFCVM Awards and Scholarship Committee.
    • Very few UFCVM Scholarships require an application.
    • The UFCVM does offer scholarships to qualified Non-Sponsored candidates based on recommendations by the Scholarship Committee.
    • Florida residents will not typically receive scholarships until after they are enrolled.
    • The UFCVM awarded over $689,000 in scholarships to students in 2014-2015.
    • The UF Office for Student Financial Affairs will occasionally have grants available that will be awarded during the summer to enrolled veterinary students that are eligible (as determined by the Student Financial Affairs)
    • Contact the Financial Affairs personnel in the Office for Student Financial Affairs if you have questions about scholarships at the UFCVM.
    • You can see a full list of Foundation scholarships listed by college at
    • We encourage students to seek outside scholarships to help fund themselves while in the DVM program.

The University of Florida Office for Student Financial Affairs

All financial aid at the UFCVM is processed by staff located in the UF Office for SFA. If you have any questions regarding federal student aid or the status of your FAFSA, you can contact the UFCVM representative, Meredith Dungar at

Additional Sources of Financial Aid Information