Course Requirements

All applicants to the professional curriculum must achieve a minimum of 80 semester hours of college-level course work, exclusive of courses in physical education and military training.

Some of the introductory pre-professional courses may be taken at any college. However, all upper-division pre-requisite courses must be taken at a four-year institution. All pre-requisite courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or above. If a C- or below is earned, the course must be retaken.

Here is a link to the courses acceptable at the University of Florida. You may compare your own institution’s course syllabi against UF’s to check for course equivalency: UF Prerequisite Courses




  • A two semester Biology lecture series with labs
  • A one semester upper-level Microbiology lecture course with labs
  • A one semester Genetics lecture course


  • A two semester General Chemistry lecture series with labs
  • A two semester Organic Chemistry lecture series with labs
  • A one semester upper-level Biochemistry course


  • A two semester Physics lecture series with labs


  • A one semester introductory Statistics course



(These requirements are met if an applicant earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree)

  • English courses include: composition, literature and writing (6 semester credits)
  • Humanities include: languages, literature, philosophy, religion, music and theater (9 semester credits)
  • Social Sciences include: anthropology, political science, sociology and psychology (6 semester credits)



Because of the demands of the professional curriculum, it is highly recommended that prospective students enroll in challenging courses that go beyond the pre-professional requirements. Though not required for admission, these courses include advanced level courses like calculus, animal science, animal nutrition, and other higher-level sciences, humanities and social sciences.

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