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DVM Admissions

Message From the Admissions Office

Welcome prospective veterinary students! If you are reading this, then you are probably interested in gaining admittance to The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine (UFCVM). We are both happy and honored that you have chosen the UFCVM as a potential location for you to spend four years pursuing a veterinary education. Our goal in the admissions office is to provide you with the information and resources to make your application as easy and painless as possible, so that you too may one day be in a class picture like the one above. We look forward to reviewing your application and hope to see you at our Freshmen Orientation in the years to come. Good luck!

FAQs for Current Applicants for the Class of 2018

We are receiving a high volume of email and phone questions regarding the following issues with the UF Supplemental Application:

1. I have completed the vet med professional application, why can’t I access the supplemental documents?

Once the vet med prof app is completed, you will be taken to our supplemental page.  You will to enter transcript information, add GRE scores, and acknowledge that you have reviewed the Admissions Requirements – then you will be able to document the three supplemental documents.

2. I am due to take the GRE next week for the first time, how do I report the scores?

You add the month and year the GRE test will be taken and write 0 on the score section.  Once you take the test, go back and enter the scores obtained.

3. I checked my account and my GRE scores have been not entered, even though I took the test on May and ETS has assured me the scores were sent to UF.

You are responsible to enter your scores.  We verify if the scores entered have been received by our office.

4. I cannot access the supplemental documents because GRE scores have not been entered.

Again, you are responsible to enter your GRE scores.  We will verify if the scores you entered match the scores received in our office.

5. Have you received my transcripts (GRE scores, supplemental forms, etc.)?  I mailed them 3 weeks ago.

Once the professional school application is completed we will need 5 business days to update the information.  If you complete your application by the end of the admissions cycle (closer to the September 9th deadline) it will take longer to update your account due to the large volume of documents our office has to process.

6. I will be completing a pre-requisite course in the Spring 2013 term, how do I enter this information on the Inventory Sheet?

Write the term on the Year Taken section.  For example-   Year taken:  Spring 2014