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2014-2015 Admissions Cycle is Open!

Published: June 6th, 2014

Category: Admissions

The 2014-2015 Admissions Cycle is now open! We are accepting applications from prospective students for the Class of 2019. The Veterinary Medical Application Service (VMCAS) is open as of June 5th and will remain open until the first of October.
Students planning on applying during this cycle should be aware that two applications are required in order to be eligible for admission:
1. The VMCAS application, and
2. The UF Vet Med Professional Application

Official transcripts should be submitted to VMCAS as early as possible (preferably one month ahead of the deadline) to allow time for course verification. Unless specifically requested, do not submit transcripts to UFCVM. It is recommended that 80% of pre-requisites (excluding Animal Science and Animal Nutrition) are completed in time to appear on the application transcripts.

Students planning to take pre-requisites over the summer should be sure to submit transcripts after these grades have been added.

More information about the applications can be found by visiting our Admissions page.

For those students who will be submitting an application this year and have questions about the application process they can contact our Admissions Office at

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