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Undergraduate Dog Course at the University of Florida

Published: July 2nd, 2012

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The Dog

The Dog is a 3 credit online course designed specifically for students planning careers in Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Technical Programs.

Since dogs are one of the main animal models studied in veterinary school, this class is an excellent bridge from a student’s undergraduate studies to veterinary school.  This class is team taught by various faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Students taking the class will be introduced to a number of important topics, some of which include evolution, domestication, anatomy, neuroscience, physiology, health, and disease.

Testimonials about The Dog

“The course is really, really amazing….I think the lectures are so interesting. Thanks to distance learning, I can have the privilege to attend Veterinary quality classes!”
Anik Boileau
M.S. student
Dog Class student, Fall 2012

“This is my favorite class I am taking this semester – and that includes the class in which I am working with a pregnant heifer! It is so directed towards what I love to learn and what I want to do in my future career path and everybody who is lecturing seems to know their material so well and are passionate about the topic they are lecturing. It is one of the few classes I voluntarily enjoy studying for and enjoy doing so!”
Megan Kelley
Clemson student
Dog Class student, Fall 2012

“Breed predispositions are an important part of forming a differential diagnosis, and ‘The Dog’ is a great way for pre-veterinary students to become familiar with this concept. The anatomy and physiology overview is another way for students to get a head start in the veterinary curriculum by allowing one to look at dogs from a more clinical frame of mind.”
UF DVM student, Class of 2014

“The Dog class is a brilliant addition to the schedule of any student whether they are looking to pursue a career working in an animal related field or whether they simply wish to gain further insight into Man’s best friend.”
Rose Worobec
UF Undergraduate student, Class of 2014

The Director of the class, Dr. Patrick Larkin, pioneered the development of several other online biology classes while teaching at Santa Fe College. These include General Biology, Genetics and Evolution, and  Introduction to Environmental Sciences..  For these efforts he was awarded the Provost’s Award in Recognition of Teaching and Learning Excellence in 2010.  Dr. Larkin was also an invited reviewer for the biology textbook “Biology, Life on earth” by Audersirk, Audersirk, and Byers.

This course will be offered every fall and spring semesters starting in Fall 2012 and is available to UF undergraduate students as well as students at other colleges and Universities around the world.  For additional information about the class see (

Current Availability for Students:

  • College credit route for UF students through ISIS
  • Continuing education* (CE) route for UF students
  • College credit route for non-UF students
  • Continuing education* (CE) route for non-UF students

*CE students will not receive University of Florida Academic Credit or a College transcript. When the class is finished for the semester the student will receive a Certificate of Completion.